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Australian Family Association spokesman John Morrissey has described Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's observation of a religious holiday over the weekend as 'quite reprehensible.'

The Prime Minister has refused to apologise for the 'robust conversation,' which took place during a private meeting on International Talk Like A Pirate Day, a yearly tradition upheld by practicing Pastafarians.

Pastafarians celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day, with statue of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (Joe Mabel.)

Mr. Rudd and his family are known to be quite religious, and are seen attending church services regularly. Mr. Rudd says that he tries to start each day with a reading from a prayer book.

Deputy Prime Minister Julia 'Gilla Monster' Gillard stood by Mr. Rudd, saying 'From time to time we might say the occasional robust word. I'm known to do that as much as anybody else.'

Mr and Mrs Rudd after a service at the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (ABC News/Giulio Saggin and

Elaine Crowe from Parents Victoria initially agrees with Ms. Gillard's statements, saying 'we all say cross words from time to time,' but says that the Prime Minister should 'set an example, particularly for our kids.'




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