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The latest in a spate of recent monster sightings has resulted in the death of an innocent monster at the hands of local teenagers.

The teenagers were frollicking by the side of a lake in Cerro Azul, Panama, when the creature emerged from a cave behind a waterfall. The creature, described by its attackers as similar in appearance to the character Gollum from the Lord Of The Rings films, 'sparked fear and confusion' when it shuffled over rocks 'as if to attack them.' The attackers, aged between 14 and 16, stoned the creature to death, before throwing its corpse into the lake. Disbelieving parents returned later to find the carcass washed up on the shore.

The Panama Monster's face (

Gollum, as seen in Lord Of The Rings

(United Artists)

The emergence of the creature has recalled the appearance of the Montauk Monster in New York a year ago, when the body of a mysterious creature was washed ashore, creating public spectacle, as shown in video re-enactments. This monster, deceased though it was, was treated with much more respect by locals who took the corpse away for burial.

The monsters are alike, however, in the series of explanations offered by sceptics. Some have claimed that both animals may be pit-bull terriers - a slimy one with clawed appendages in the case of the Panama Monster, and mostly hairless and with a beak in the case of the Montauk Monster. More recently, there have been more cases of Montauk Monsters washing up in the same area, prompting speculation that the monster may be the result of secret experimentations at the nearby Plum Island Animal Disease Center, where Hannibal Lector was once offered a room with a view in exchange for co-operation in the case of Buffalo Bill.

In local news, cryptozoologist Rex Gilroy claims to have discovered a dinosaur-like monster in the Hawkesbury River in New South Wales. Mr. Gilroy described the monster as around twelve metres long 'with a longish neck.' Meanwhile, earlier this month a 'yeti-like' creature was caught briefly on film, apparently stalking bikini-clad teenager Justyna Folger, who screamed when she spotted the creature. So far experts have yet to offer any advice on this outbreak of monsters.




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