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It has been a busy month at Channel 9, who had a clean sweep of the nominations for the LiveNudeDann Award For Hard News. After Carl Stefanovic’s news update on July 28’s episode of Today that Michael Jackson’s doctor was being investigated for manslaughter, co-host Lisa Wilkinson commented that it was ‘still unclear whether the manslaughter was deliberate or not.’ Meanwhile, on A Current Affair, it was implied that it is safer to ride one’s bicycle or to be seen in public wearing a genuine Snuggie, as opposed to a Blanket With Sleeves.

With such an array of nominees from Channel 9’s News And Current Affairs department, choosing a winner in the Hard News category was a lengthy process, particularly in a month when the Minichef debacle brought the tone of the programme down irrevocably.

However, the Award For Hard News was finally awarded today to A Current Affair’s twin set of vox-pop interviews featuring celebrity impersonators. The first of the stories was aired during Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’s visit to Melbourne. A man claiming to look like Tom Cruise was escorted through the streets of Melbourne, while the occasional innocent bystander was enthralled to meet a celebrity of the caliber of ACA reporter Martin King.

After the apparent failure of the segment, it was a surprise to see an almost identical story played this week, in which an impersonator portraying ex-psychologist Dr. Phil was taken into the Melbourne CBD to coincide with the real Phil McGraw’s Australian lecture tour. The offensive impersonation was perhaps more successful than the previous effort, but King was still the major draw card for old women across the city.

Congratulations are extended to A Current Affair and their celebrity look-alikes for their success in this month’s LiveNudeDann Award For Hard News.

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Almost a month after his death, Michael Jackson is still making headlines around the world. While Britain’s The Sun has responded to the King Of Pop’s death with its usual calibre of journalism, even Australian local papers have not been devoid of reportage.

Speculation over Jackson’s sexuality, the terms of his will, and discussion of CNN footage of what was speculated to be a ghost inside Jackson’s Neverland Ranch have been surprisingly more prevalent than claims by Australian former bodyguard to the star that Michael Jackson had been the target of predators.

Wayne Galley, who worked for Jackson and his family in 2003, told Leader Newspapers that ‘there were a lot of predators out there wanting to get a piece of him.’

Michael Jackson with Wayne Galley (Leader News)

Mr Galley says that although he learned to be streetwise on the mean streets of Reservoir, he was hired by Michael Jackson because he was good with children, and talks of escorting the family trick or treating in Las Vegas at Halloween.

A predator outside Neverland Ranch (20th Century Fox,

Predators, also known as Yautja and Hish, are thought to have visited the Earth numerous times throughout history, being treated as gods by some cultures, such as the ancient Egyptians and Aztec civilisations, whose pyramids may be a tribute to the predators. They are known to use a unique form of camouflage technology when hunting.

Although not widely reported, the story of predators’ interest in Jackson could be backed up by reports of UFO activity around Neverland Ranch.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of only a few known to have defeated a predator, commented only on Michael Jackson’s career, saying ‘Michael was a pop phenomenon who never stopped pushing the envelope of creativity… Michael was a great entertainer and his popularity spanned generations and the globe.’

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (Yahoo! News)

Governor Schwarzenegger also promised to help the Jackson family with funeral and memorial plans, but is so far yet to comment upon the interest predators may have had in Michael Jackson.




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