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Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and the Federal Government have once more come under criticism from members of the Opposition for spending, this time seen as little more than ‘self-promotion.’

Since coming to power, the Rudd Government have rolled out funding to schools across the country, in what Education Minister Julia ‘Gilla Monster’ Gillard has called ‘the biggest school modernisation project this country's ever seen.’

julia gillard,student
Education Minister Julia Gillard with student (Reg Ryan)

‘Schools will obviously want to have a celebration when their brand new gymnasium or 21st century library or classrooms are finished,’ Ms Gillard said.

These celebrations will in most cases take the form of launch ceremonies for the opening of new buildings, with the unveiling of commemorative plaques, said to have cost the Government more than $3.5 million in total. Opposition education spokesman Christopher Pyne has branded the exercise as the spending as nothing more than the creation of photo opportunities.

‘This Government is all about spin and self-promotion and trying to get itself re-elected,’ Mr. Pyne said. ‘So the fact they'd spend $3.75 million on plaques and signs and self-promotion - every dollar of which is borrowed - should come as no surprise to anyone. You would think that they would be embarrassed enough to say “Well, let's not borrow $3.75 million to promote Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd.”’

Mr. Pyne has recent history of being argumentative with Prime Minister Rudd, having this been forced to withdraw an insult made to Mr. Rudd in Parliament. While answering a question regarding the Government’s debt strategies, Mr. Pyne interrupted with ‘Answer the question, Mr. Squiggle!

Miss Jane and Mr Squiggle (ABC)

Meanwhile, Mr. Rudd was accused of demeaning the office of the Prime Minister when he used large pictures of renovation projects in schools to demonstrate how money was being spent. Opposition front-bencher Julie Bishop deemed the pictures ‘silly props.’

‘I've never seen a prime minister stoop to the sort of silly antics that we saw this week,’ Ms. Bishop said.

Kevin Rudd being presented with a cricket shirt (

Kevin Rudd and Rabbi Dovid Slaven(The Jewish Star)

It is evident, however, that props have been an important part of Mr. Rudd’s political success. Photographic evidence shows that Mr. Rudd has for some time utilised props whenever possible.

(Alan Porritt, AAP)

(Kym Smith,


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Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle’s campaign of controversial statements towards other city councils shows no sign of slowing as he continues to place an overemphasis on his own importance.  Mr Doyle seems to liken himself to more influential figures in politics, proposing changes to infrastructure instead of performing the traditional duties of Lord Mayor, such as attending charity galas and cutting ribbons.


Similarities between the duties of Lord Mayor and beauty pageant winners were highlighted last weekend when National Nine News described Mr Doyle as ‘portly’ in a report on his proposed changes to traffic use on Swanston Street.  This comes only weeks after real life pageant queen Stephanie Naumoska, Miss Universe Australia contestant, denied claims by world news agencies that she has an eating disorder.


Lord Mayor Robert Doyle (Panos Photographics)

Stephanie Naumoska (Herald Sun)


‘I have never been anorexic or bulimic I don't throw up my meals after I eat them I don't starve myself, none of that,’ the Herald-Sun quoted Naumoska as saying, in an unusual lack of punctuation. Lord Mayor Doyle has yet to confirm or deny any claims of eating disorders made against him, but critics of both agree that Mr Doyle is also a poor role model for young girls.


Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia’s Miss Beautiful pageant, contestants are judged on their level of respect for their parents.  Pageant founder Khadra al-Mubarak says that her contest is a less decadent alternative to other beauty contests ‘that only take into account a woman’s body and looks.’  One round of the contest involves all the contestants being graded on how they interact with their mothers during a day spent in a country house.  Supporters of former Lord Mayor John So who long in vain for his return suspect that he would fare as well on the pageant circuit as well as he did in his time at Town Hall.




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