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A second earthquake has shaken Melbourne and parts of Victoria. The earthquake, measuring 4.6 on the Richter scale, struck at 4.30pm yesterday, and came twelve days after an earthquake of similar size was felt in the same area.

Ten News said that ‘terrified office workers reported computer screens vibrating on desks, and ornaments falling from shelves.’

Closer to the epicentre, which Clive Collins from Geoscience Australia says was in a similar location to the last earthquake, the publicans of Korumburra described what they felt. John Beardsworth of the Austral Hotel said that the earthquake felt like a truck driving past the hotel. ‘It puts the shivers up me a bit,’ Mr Beardsworth said.

Chris Corr of the Korumburra Middle Hotel said that ‘it felt like there was a strange beast crawling across the roof.’ On the contrary, a Melbourne resident who wished only to be known as ‘Simon’ said that he had not felt the latest earthquake. ‘But, by God, I heard all about it,’ Simon recalled.

At the Herald Sun website, public reaction to the earthquake prompted arguments. ‘You Melbourne people are always real quick to crittersize Moe and the Valley,’ said Joey of Moe. ‘But I don't hear any sympathy when we are much closer to the eppycentre of these earthquakes than you.’

Captain Boomerang(DC Comics)

Celebrity Korumburra resident and super villain Captain Boomerang is yet to comment.

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An earthquake which was felt by Melbournians across a 100km radius was one of three to hit Australia in one day, seismologists from Geoscience Australia have said. The tremor struck at 8.55pm yesterday, and measured 4.6 on the Richter scale, with an epicentre in Korumburra, home to the Coal Creek heritage park.

Emergency services reported receiving numerous calls, however a spokesperson stated that they are unable to prevent geological events.

Korumburra resident James Carter described the horror as books fell from the shelves in his house.

While Geoscience Australia reported that this was Melbourne’s most significant earthquake in 36 years, a ‘mystery rumble’ shook the earth in the early hours of February 2, 2005, when tabloid favourite mX employed numerous clichés to report that ‘the earth moved in mysterious ways for thousands of Melbournians about 3am today with reports of deep rumblings in suburbs from Melton to Mitcham and Seaford to Cranbourne.’

In that instance, experts reported no seismic activity, with possible explanations for the shaking ranging from sonic booms from passing aircraft to lightening strikes. Radio 3AW caller ‘John’ suspected his house had come under attack by angry ghosts. ‘It’s a solid brick building,’ John said. ‘It took a hell of a lot to shake it.’




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